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Welcome to lindaprojectinfo!


WEB WALLETS are here! Please go to to sign up and read details!

Greetings to all Lindacoin Investors!

Lindaprojectinfo was created to consolidate FAQS, tips, media, and tutorials all in one place. We believe that there is a wealth of information out in the web, which can sometimes be overwhelming for investors.

This website is not intended for investment advice and has no connection to the official Linda founder or any team members.  It is here with the best intentions to support a wonderful community who believe in the coin.



Benefits of Lindacoin

Linda X Platform (In Development) – The platform will allow entities to use the Linda network to host their own tokens.

Privacy Tor Wallets – Secure your assets under multiple onions.

Atomic Swap Capabilities (Coming Soon) – A cryptographically smart contract technology allowing two cryptocurrencies to be exchanged without an exchange.

Stealth Transactions – Provides anonymity with encrypted transactions on the blockchain.

Proof of Stake (PoS)- Earn Linda Coin 68% ROI by holding/staking Linda Coins.

Masternodes – Offers 96% ROI Rewards for Investors that hold 2 million Linda Coins.

Lightning Fast Transactions – Incredible speeds on the blockchain, less than a minute!

Amazing Community – project is supported by a powerful community.

Hot Swaps – Ability to swap Linda into any other currency, without any third parties

Web Wallets – Enables users all the features of a traditional desktop wallet without the hassles of running a server/desktop, but on the go!

Mobile Apps – iOS and Android App to enjoy Linda on the go, keeping you connected with your wallet 24/7.

Read More in Depth within the Roadmap published  6/2/18! CLICK HERE


Market Cap

People use the total market cap of a coin to claim that it can’t reach $x ever.  These people miss two points.  1. The total market cap is expected by some to hit 2 Trillion dollars in 2018 which is a lot more money coming into the market. 2. The market cap is the last price paid x the total number of coins.  If the market cap of a coin is 1 billion, and the price is $1 for each of a billion coins, it’s only the last buyer who has paid $1, there were people who bought in all the way up to $1 with some paying fractions of a cent.  Therefore, there is not 1 billion dollars which has been spent on the example coin.  So for Lindacoin to hit $1 it doesn’t need 6 billion dollars put in, just a dedicated community of holders and one guy at some point to think $1.00 is reasonable for a coin.



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Linda Exchanges

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Graviex Stocks Exchange   Bitflip  Nanex



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