How Masternodes Make Linda Coin Unique

One of the main differences that separates Linda Coin and other cryptocurrencies is Linda’s use of masternodes. With masternodes, Linda is able to develop exclusive features that make Linda into a more democratic, fast, and unique cryptocurrency.

But before we take a look at the benefits, what exactly is a masternode?

What is a masternode?

In regular nodes, an investor has a Linda wallet running on their computer which keeps a full copy of the blockchain. By keeping a copy, the user is effectively making sure all Linda transactions are legitimate. But Linda masternodes are a bit different, and have a few extra quirks.

Masternodes perform a few extra actions that give Linda exclusive features.

Features of masternodes.

One of the biggest features of Linda that can only be done with masternodes is the instant transactions. Masternodes are able to lock the transactions which allow people to send Linda instantaneously. Theoretically, you can “double-spend” other currencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. That’s why Linda is destined to be the future, as a currency has to have instant transactions.

Another feature of masternodes that could come to Linda is the governance and treasury system. An owner of a masternode is able to vote on projects and helps develop Linda.

As an example, if a developer proposes to build a new feature in Linda Coin for two million Linda Coins, the Linda community will be notified. Then, all the masternodes can vote on whether they think this is beneficial to Linda, and if they approve it, the developer will get to work.

Although this hasn’t been added yet, developers are looking into it. If it is added, Linda will develop faster than all the other coins by creating an incentive to help build Linda and makes sure all of Linda’s funds are spent in the best way.

Other features of Linda’s masternodes include privacy, encryption and possibly atomic swaps to be added in the future.

Every masternode must have two million Linda to be set up. It makes sure the person who owns the masternode is serious about it, and prevents anyone from abusing the system and setting huge amounts of masternodes.

As a reward for their hard work and support, Linda gives all masternodes a 99% return on investment, which effectively doubles your money yearly. To look into setting up a masternode, check our website here.

Masternodes have huge value in supporting the Linda network. They are part of what makes Linda Coin different from all the cryptocurrencies, and makes Linda more efficient and more prepared for the future.

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