Linda Coin To Cut Max Supply By 40%

With the new LindaV2, Linda will be cutting the max supply of Linda Coin from 50 billion to 30 billion. At block height 1,575,000 the proof-of-stake and proof-of-work rewards will be finished, and no new coins will be created. This will be approximately July 1st, 2020.

Supply and Demand

Linda cutting the max supply to 30 billion will be extremely beneficial to investors. Because of the law of supply and demand, investors in Linda will see the value of their holdings in Linda rise. This is because the supply in Linda has been cut by 40%.

Theoretically, if the supply gets cut by 40% and demand in Linda remains the same, investors should see around 70% gains eventually. Essentially, if the market capitalization of Linda remains the same, then investors will see huge gains.


Not only will it see short term gains because of the law of supply and demand, but it will also see huge long term gains because of deflation. Currently in our economic system, our currencies are inflationary. This is because the government is constantly printing more money, which reduces the value of the money you are holding.

But Linda will eventually stop creating new coins at 30 billion coins, and this stops the inflationary aspect. Unlike fiat currencies, when we pass the point of 30 billion coins, the inflation rate will be 0% or even less.

Because there will always be people who lose their coins, the max supply will actually start to decrease then. When it starts to decrease, this means the coins you are holding are destined to increase in value.

Unlike fiat currencies that lose value over time, Linda will gain value over time in the long term.

Linda cutting the max supply is huge news for investors. By cutting the supply, we are greatly reducing inflation in the Linda coin and increasing the scarcity of Linda which makes it more valuable.

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