Web Wallet and Mobile App

Lindacoin To Launch Web Wallet and Mobile App.

Lindacoin will be creating an upgraded, modern online wallet and a mobile application for iOS and Android. These will have the features of the regular desktop wallet with masternodes, staking, sending, and receiving, but it will be more accessible to all our users.

Here’s what you can expect the applications to look like.

Features of The Web Wallet

With the Linda Web Wallet, you can do all the things you love to do with Linda, without all the hassle of running a server or setting up a desktop wallet. It will still have all your favorite features from the desktop wallet. The web wallet includes the staking capability, masternode capability, and even multiple masternode capability.

Many investors find it hard set up a desktop wallet, but this makes it extremely easy. Now anyone can start staking and running a masternode, and even you can get in on the rewards!

Better yet, the web wallet has enhanced masternode capabilities. Allowing investors to not only set up with a few clicks, but it offers heightened security and fast connections. This lets our investors have the highest possible earnings and security.

The web wallet also has an easy-to-use VPS system. This allows all transactions to be private and it hides your ip address, making you untraceable when using Linda.

It also has a lite edition, allowing users who don’t need all the staking and masternode capabilities to use the wallet for day to day transactions.

Lindacoin Mobile App.

The mobile app will allow investors to remotely control their wallets. Investors can now conveniently manage their Linda wallet from anywhere without sacrificing the traditional features of a desktop wallet.

Now investors can be at ease, as they can check in on their wallets anywhere in the world from their phones. This is a very important functionality because we know investors are very busy and simply can’t carry their desktop wallets with them everywhere they go.

Future and Development

This is a huge step for Lindacoin’s development, but the Linda Team won’t stop right here. More functionalities are coming to the web wallet in the future, and they will be ever better.

Linda is developing a pool system. This allows all investors to pool their Linda together and increase their staking rewards. This would be easily done via the web wallet, so there’s very little hassle.

Linda may even create pools for other Proof-Of-Stake coins. Now investors can not only stake Lindacoin, but even other coins. Many investors are looking for a staking pool, but it’s very complicated and as a result, they have given up on it. Now, Linda offers an easy way to do it.

Linda may also have other coins in their web wallet, allowing investors to easily swap their other cryptocurrencies into Linda and vice-versa.


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