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Linda Coin

This will be my first article I’ve ever written! My name is Cody McKenna, known as @mickjr_jr on twitter or Crypto-Mick on discord. I’m currently a construction worker getting back into the crypto space after a very long break. And what brought me back is what I would like to enlighten you about today and let everyone know what amazing work is being done by the team at Linda Coin.

So to start this all off I would like to start by saying I am in no way giving financial advice on this project, this is just an up to date article pinpointing all of the key points about the project.

Before I get into the project itself I would love to start with the community since they do have such a major influence on what goes on behind the scenes. Currently there is a website made up by two team members Chris (Oxfish) and William (Linda Goldfish). At this website you can get all your information from setting up a master node on windows to bootstrapping your wallet on a mac they cover almost everything you need to know for a basic investor to download a wallet, purchase Linda Coin and start staking. You can find this information at https://www.lindaprojectinfo.com. The Linda Coin community is growing constantly, every day, new members joining daily on community run platforms. There have been many volunteer moderators that give their time to make sure all these platforms run smoothly for new users. Setting a good example and helping in any way possible they have been more then comforting to everyone in the community and I feel it’s more a group of close friends.

The community has been donating a ton of coins in order to attract new users to the project. Many members of the team including the CEO Jonah Glasgow frequently visit all the platforms to check in and just chat with everyone, it’s definitely one of the greatest tight knit communities I’m apart of!

Which brings me to the portion of the article that everyone has been waiting for, all of the up to date progress and all of the hard work behind what is making the project what it is today!

In Quarter one Linda Coin went through a full transfer of ownership, as well as complete administration changes. This was a major controversy with the old founder rumoured to be selling off his holdings drastically dropping the price daily! This is when CEO Jonah Glasgow stepped in and has been working wonders ever since. Instead of Linda Coin jumping full throttle back into building the tech side of this coin, they decided to get a dedicated and resourceful team together. Committed to growing the community on all platforms as well as build a team willing and able to rebuild this project into what it has become today.

In quarter two Linda Coin introduced a new wallet (V2) with a new algorithm. The Linda Coin team has also lowered the total max supply from 50 billion to 30 billion. With a 2-million-coin master node, massive drop down from a previous 30-million-coin master node, many new customers can afford to gain their ROI of 96% on a master node. Currently there are approximately 200 master nodes online. The team has been working constantly and have partnered up with numerous new exchanges and a cold wallet storage partner that will allow users to store their coins on a hard copy card, similar to a debit card or credit card without the transactions with this particular card at the time. The newest and greatest news that have come directly from the CEO, Jonah Glasgow, has got to be the new Linda wallet app, and also the patent pending physical product that will change crypto all together! (More information pending on patent)

Currently as the roadmap states quarter three will be solely focused on working on their own acceptance points. They are going to work on getting Linda Coin on coinspayments.net, from there get accepted by over 2000 merchants.

Now I know a lot of people are wondering by now well what else does this coin have to offer other than giving me 97% of my 2 million coins every year? Great question, to start they have lightning fast wallet to wallet transactions, this is a proof of stake coin allowing you to gain anywhere from 67-97% yearly. Another great feature of this coin is a true stealth transaction feature, allowing people to send transaction without a trace. In my opinion the second best feature in this project will be the atomic swap feature once it becomes available, for those of you that don’t know what this is the atomic swap is a smart contract allowing two people to swap crypto currencies without using an exchange.

I will continue to keep up to date information on Linda Coin and I will also write smaller articles with all the new up to date information for everyone to keep up with the projects progress. Keep watching for my articles coming from other hidden gems, you will most definitely want to go and do your own research on all the coins, tokens and ico’s that I write about.


**DISCLAIMER- Crypto-Mick was not an “almost nobel prize winner.” Lindaprojectinfo just believes that this was very well written, and was submitted purely out of his love/support for Linda! This is truly a glimpse of how amazing the community is! Thank you Crypto-Mick!

  1. judenewcomb
    April 26, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    got my bags filled and couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. Sirdorkool
    April 27, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Fantastic write up!

  3. Larry A
    Larry A
    April 27, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Great article – I run 4 master nodes and am loving it!

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