RetailLoco Conference – Linda Team Speaks To Fortune 500

Linda Team Speaks To Fortune 500 Execs On Benefits Of Linda’s Geo-location and Blockchain.

The Linda Team gave an amazing presentation on cryptocurrencies and Linda coin at the RetailLoco Conference in recent days.

The RetailLoco Conference is a huge marketing conference for company marketing executives. Hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association, this two day event in Seattle with over 250+ attendees will feature speakers exploring concepts of marketing.

Some prominent speakers of the RetailLoco Conference include the Vice President of Starbucks, Director of Product of Costco Wholesale, and Vice President of Yahoo Japan. Many other representatives from Google, HP, GameStop, and Coca-Cola were also present at the event.

The Linda Team spoke on the advantages of blockchain systems. Linda provided solutions to Point-Of-Sale transactions to these executives and showed them how they could implement a Linda coin solution.


One of the main highlight’s of Linda’s presentation was on geolocation. In a world driven by data, geolocation is very beneficial for companies.

It allows companies to collect data on its consumers. It is able to give companies critical information about its consumers which allows them to improve. By seeing crucial data such as where their stores are more successful, corporations would benefit greatly from Linda.

On the other hand, consumers would still be completely anonymous which lets them enjoy peace of mind.

By showing how corporations could revolutionize the way they do business, the Linda team is advocating Linda to be used as a coin of the future.


While many crypto fans are familiar with the concepts of blockchain, many corporations are still confused. The Linda team showed the corporations the advantages of using Linda as a blockchain solution for their issues.

Furthermore, the team showed them how to use Linda as a payment solution. Those executives who are inspired might even adopt Linda as a way to pay in the future!


By attending this conference, Lindacoin is receiving huge advantages. The Linda team will be able to work with these companies and develop partnerships in the future. By showing them the importance of cryptocurrencies and how they could use Lindacoin, Linda is one step closer to worldwide adoption with a partnership with a Fortune 500 company.


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