Linda To Create A Token Platform: LINDA X

Linda is announcing today that there will be a token platform integrated with Lindacoin. The platform, tentatively Linda X, will allow users to use the Linda network to host their own tokens. Like the ERC20 platform that brought great success to Ethereum, Linda X will bring Linda to the next level. The platform not only […]

RetailLoco Conference – Linda Team Speaks To Fortune 500

Linda Team Speaks To Fortune 500 Execs On Benefits Of Linda’s Geo-location and Blockchain. The Linda Team gave an amazing presentation on cryptocurrencies and Linda coin at the RetailLoco Conference in recent days. The RetailLoco Conference is a huge marketing conference for company marketing executives. Hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association, this two day […]

A Passage Written by Crypto-Mick (An Almost Nobel Prize Winner)

  Linda Coin This will be my first article I’ve ever written! My name is Cody McKenna, known as @mickjr_jr on twitter or Crypto-Mick on discord. I’m currently a construction worker getting back into the crypto space after a very long break. And what brought me back is what I would like to enlighten you […]

Web Wallet and Mobile App

Lindacoin To Launch Web Wallet and Mobile App. Lindacoin will be creating an upgraded, modern online wallet and a mobile application for iOS and Android. These will have the features of the regular desktop wallet with masternodes, staking, sending, and receiving, but it will be more accessible to all our users. Here’s what you can expect […]

Linda Coin To Cut Max Supply By 40%

With the new LindaV2, Linda will be cutting the max supply of Linda Coin from 50 billion to 30 billion. At block height 1,575,000 the proof-of-stake and proof-of-work rewards will be finished, and no new coins will be created. This will be approximately July 1st, 2020. Supply and Demand Linda cutting the max supply to 30 […]

How Masternodes Make Linda Coin Unique

One of the main differences that separates Linda Coin and other cryptocurrencies is Linda’s use of masternodes. With masternodes, Linda is able to develop exclusive features that make Linda into a more democratic, fast, and unique cryptocurrency. But before we take a look at the benefits, what exactly is a masternode? What is a masternode? […]