If you need connections please follow below. If you are trying to fix unconfirmed stakes a great solution by citation-number is to check you clock is synced with the internet, if it is out it seems to fail your stakes, beyond that more connections or more coins both help

More Connections

You can see how many connections you have by hovering over the Wi-Fi type symbol on the bottom left of the wallet.


If you are low on connections you can improve stability by adding nodes.  Here is an explanation of how to do this.  (this is more advanced than beginner so make sure you are comfortable with the process and have backed up your wallet).

(always keep a backup of your wallet)

Close Wallet

Go to:

Scroll down and look on the left to find ‘copy addnodes’

Go to c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Linda on your computer

Once there find Linda.conf right click and open with notepad

Paste what you have copied from coinexchange webpage

While there you should add the following Linda nodes into the linda.conf file



Save and start your wallet.  Over time you should gain more connections.

If this hasn’t improved your connections (they add slowly over time)

  1. Try making sure you have port 33820 open in your router.
  2. Make sure you have the latest wallet.  To check this, go to help > about Linda

If your wallet is outdated go to

I’ve made a quick video of how to add into your wallet