Issue Fixes

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**If you happen to get a corrupt wallet file, usually containing an error, “salvage failed,” feel free to contact us at for help.

Chris (oxfish) has created a program to fix wallets and has been able to salvage over 110 Million Linda coins for investors!!


Frozen Syncing

First thing to make sure is you have connections.  If not, skip to connections to sort out this problem first.  If you have connections and still aren’t syncing, this can happen if your sync gets caught on an orphaned block.

  1. Rebootstrap your file (see above) this should take you back a bit but will restart the syncing process


Missing transactions

If you are missing a transaction the following may assist:

  1. Check the sent to wallet address is correct.  It is critical that you get the address correct as there are no second chances sending crypto.
  2. Assuming the address is correct, you can see if it has processed through the blockchain.  By doing this you can see if the issue is your wallet / the exchange or the blockchain.  Instructions are below in viewing the blockchain.
  3. If the transaction has failed for some reason the following may assist:

On the wallet- go to the settings tab and select options

Under Pay transaction fee- set it to .02

go to transaction tab and get the transactionid of the payment that didn’t go through.

Go to help > Debug window console

Type getrawtransaction transactionid where transactionid is the txid of the transaction you are having issues with

you will receive a set of numbers which is your hash (this is a very big number)

Type sendrawtransaction transactionid where transactionid is the hash

This should hopefully solve any issues

If you get an error code 22 try the solution below

Viewing the blockchain

Go to your wallets receive tab and copy that address

Go to

The bottom box is addresses

Add your receive tab address and hit search

You should see the transaction and where it is at

code 22

The following should assist with a code 22 error.

Using console (should be in the program menu help -> console or something like this):
1. write “listaccounts” and hit enter – this should give you list of accounts and their balances
2. next do “getaddressesbyaccount account_name” – this should give you a list of actual addresses, some of them hold some coins
3. verify if any of addresses have any coins via block explorer (optional)
4. do “dumpprivkey nyan_address” for each address that have coins, save command outputs in text file (this is your private keys, do not share!)
5. close your wallet
6. find your data folder (the one that holds blockchain and wallet.dat) and rename wallet.dat to something like wallet_old.dat
7. open your wallet, it should start initializing fresh new wallet for you
8. open console again and use private keys you saved earlier one by one – do “importprivkey string_from_text_file” (this could take a long time, so start from the one that have the most coins)
9. when you done your new wallet should have all your coins and no “broken” transactions, you might need to restart it once though


Recovering Litecoin sent to a Linda wallet by CitationNumber

Recovering Litecoin sent to your Linda wallet If, like some of us, you have accidentally sent LTC to your Linda wallet do not worry. Here is an easy solution to recovering your currency. Will work from any sending platform.

  1. Unlock your Linda Wallet, including UN-checking the “unlock for staking only” checkbox.
  2. Back up your wallet data and save it as wallet so it reads wallet.dat when saved.
  3. Download the Litecoin Core desktop wallet from
  4. Let the wallet fully sync (about 6 hours or less).
  5. Close Litecoin Wallet.

6A. For windows go to File Explorer (any folder) (C:)>Users>Whatever You Call Yourself>App Data>Roaming>Litecoin 6B. For mac have Finder selected (just click the background) then click Go on the top left, hold Option (Alt) and click on Folder that appears, it’s a hidden folder, go to Application Support>Litecoin.

  1. Delete or remove the current wallet.dat file in the Litecoin folder and replace with your Linda Wallet backup. Start Litecoin Wallet and a pop-up will appear, hit ok and let it do its thing, when it’s done loading the wallet, poof, your LTC will be available.
  2. Tip LYyt9XiegonN1w4aT8Mcs6XjyktBLRKs1n