Lindacoin Social Media Guide


Helping Linda Coin reach the masses is a goal the community can contribute towards on a daily basis.  Here at we have made the process easier for you to execute. Follow these simple rules utilizing mostly this page and start right away!

  1. Create a Twitter account –
  2. Pick a ready to use tweet from the first section below and copy/paste it into your twitter tweet.  (If you do not wish to use a ready to use tweet, please use some facts from the fact sheet in the second section when customizing your words!)
  3. In the third section, pick the influencer you wish to reach out to and copy/paste their Twitter address into the beginning of your tweet on Twitter.
  4. Click the link for Linda Graphics below and add a graphic to your tweet. (These will stand out more than just written tweets without a photo!)
  5. Repeat the process for the other influencers you are tweeting
  6. If you are making up your own tweets, please remember to include the following hashtags:  $linda and #lindacoin. If you have room to add more, try #crypto $btc $ltc $eth $trx $xvg $ada $xmr.  When hashtagging a cryptocurrency, use the dollar sign with the ticker symbol.


(This list will usually only work when sending tweets to one influencer at a time due to length requirements.  Send one of these to anyone from the influencers list.)

Have you checked out $linda recently?  With new ownership and direction, the ship is moving in the right direction.  Lightning speeds and great staking rewards too!  The future is looking bright and ripe for gains!  #lindacoin 

Hey, would you be interested in doing an interview with the new CEO of $linda?  They have done a lot of work in the last few months turning around the coin and it might be worth a conversation!  #lindacoin 

$Linda is a great project with tremendous upside potential.  The team and community are first rate with a lot of drive.  New product is in development as well a web wallet!  #lindacoin is primed for takeoff! 

Masternodes for $linda are now at 2 million.  Transaction speeds are getting faster everyday. Partnerships being announced.  Team is working hard and the community is rock solid behind it. Thoughts? #lindacoin

Looking for a low market cap #altcoin? Check out $Linda, it’s currently in the early adopter phase and you can earn 67-97% returns from staking and #masternodes. #Lindacoin won’t be low market cap for long!

$Linda is a perfect investment right now. Not only is it a PoW/PoS coin offering amazing returns for early investors it has a long term plan. The #Lindacoin team is working on exclusive utility products as well as everyday uses for the coin!

Want to see why the $linda discord is considered the best in crypto?  Check out the world famous #lindacoin group at and join us!  We can answer any questions as well as just have a great time. 



-Linda Coin is a mix of Nova coin and early Dash coin

-Masternodes are 2 Million with a 96%annual return after emissions

-Staking is now a 68% annual return after emissions

-Max Supply is now at 30 billion

-To help with inflation, 2% PoS emissions are being burned along with 3% of PoW emissions, totaling 5% annual burn of PoS and PoW.

-10% increase of default transaction fee

-10% increase of default transaction speed

-Block times have decreased to 64 seconds

-At block height 1,575,000 PoS and PoW rewards will end (Approx July 1st, 2020)

-Linda offers wallet encryption

-A web wallet release is coming as of Jonah’s tweet on (4-12-18)

-The team is going to China (April/May) to find manufacturers for “The Product”



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