A comprehensive guide of tips and tutorials to help your Linda experience!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .


Bootstrapping – Expediting the syncing of your Linda Wallet.

Coin Control – Combining your coins to increase the weight of your stake

Connections – Improve the number of connections to the blockchain

Issues and Fixes – Some common issues and resoultions

Linda Social Media Guide – A guide for marketing Linda on social media

Linda Wallet Alerts – Alert System to notify the user of any deposit or stake

Mining– Generate coins within the blockchain

Setting Up a New 2 Million Linda Masternode – Tutorial on how to set up a masternode

Setting Up a VPS – Tutorial on how to set up a Virtual Cloud Computer

Staking – Rewards for holding Linda Coin

Stealth Transactions – Anonymous Transactions

Upgrading to Wallet V2.0.0.1 – Upgrade to the current version

Wallets – A electronic wallet to hold your Linda Coins

**If you happen to get a corrupt wallet file, usually containing an error, “salvage failed,” feel free to contact us at support@lindaprojectinfo.com for help.

Chris (oxfish) has been able to salvage over 110 Million Linda coins for investors!!