Upgrading Wallets

Windows or Mac

Hey Guys, this will be the shortest guide of all, the upgrade from Linda to wallet v2.0.0.1 on windows or mac

1. Download latest wallet at lindacoin.com (under wallets tab)
2. Backup your wallet
3.  Close your current wallet completely (check by opening task manager and making sure it is fully closed)
4.  Unpack your downloaded wallet file into the directory where Linda-qt.exe is located and overwrite that file.
5.  Start the new Linda-qt wallet and enjoy the speed!
This guide written by Jaap (funkydog)


Ubuntu VPS update steps: !!!
make sure you have backups of your wallets
!!! Ubuntu VPS update steps:
– Lindad stop – cd ~/
– cd Linda/src
– make -f makefile.unix
– cp Lindad /usr/local/bin
– cd ../..
– rm -r Linda
– Lindad -daemon
==> This process takes 10-15min!